A bit of the best Ethiopian food in Houston

Try Some of the Best Ethiopian Food in Houston at Blue Nile

Trying new cuisines is always intriguing. Perhaps you’ve tried Thai, Indian, or Spanish cuisine. But have you ever tried Ethiopian food? At Blue Nile, you can try some of the best Ethiopian food in Houston.

About Blue Nile

Like all great eateries, Blue Nile is a family-owned restaurant. They aim to create Ethiopian food as authentically as possible. The warm, inviting atmosphere welcomes you to make yourself at home.

The interior is beyond inviting. Inside Blue Nile, wooden rafters are paired with cream-colored curtains and warm, yellow lighting. The servers dress in Ethiopian-inspired clothing. Beaded decor and paintings adorn the walls.

The Menu

The menu at Blue Nile may initially seem a little intimidating if you’re not familiar with Ethiopian food. However, the servers will be happy to help you if you’re not sure what to order.

To start, try the fitfit, a dish consisting of lamb meat in turmeric sauce with herbs. Another good choice is the doro wot, chicken cooked in a berbere and onion sauce with butter and herbs. If you’re in the mood for seafood, try the shrimp wot. Served with bread, it has a bold flavor and tender texture.

Blue Nile is vegetarian-friendly, offering an array of meatless dishes like kik alicha, split peas cooked with onions and spices. The yemissir wot, which is a red lentil stew with berbere sauce and ginger, is also enticing.

All their dishes are served with Injera bread, a simple bread that Ethiopians enjoy throughout the day. It’s a high-protein bread that is filling, satisfying, and a perfect accompaniment to the soups and stews commonly served in Ethiopia.

Enjoy the best Ethiopian food in Houston

Blue Nile has been a Houston staple since 1994, but they recently opened a second location just minutes from Monarch Medical Center Apartments. Contact us if you are looking for a new pet-friendly apartment in the area.

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