Spend the Day at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Whether you are looking for a romantic date day or just want to enjoy a sophisticated outing with some friends, the Monarch Medical Center apartments are located conveniently less than 15 minutes away from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

At this museum, you could spend the day browsing all kinds of exhibits. Or, you could focus on one of their special temporary exhibits like the current Bestowing Beauty: Masterpieces from Persian Lands exhibit.

If you want to make a trip to the MFAH, here are two exhibits we recommend you see:

Modern and Contemporary Art

For both the casual viewer and art enthusiast, modern and contemporary art exhibits might be the most popular. The artists displayed in these exhibits are currently working or worked in the recent past. So, the work is likely relatable to the modern viewer with the use of video, sound, lights, and other technology. These are also the exhibits where you’ll see recognizable names like Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Andy Warhol.

Rotating or Visiting Exhibits

The Museum of Fine Arts always has exhibits coming and going, from the museum’s archived collection and visiting from all over the world. Exhibits in March include:

  • Peacock in the Desert: Royal Art from Jodhpur, India; and
  • Eye on Houston: High School Documentary Photography.

The Peacock of the Desert exhibit will be on display through August and features stunning works of art like folios, watercolors, ceramics, and functional art pieces from the Rathore Dynasty. The Eye on Houston exhibit is here for the 23rd year in a row. Each year, students from all around Houston can submit photos that reflect their world. This year, many of the photos show the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Overall, one benefit of living at Monarch Medical Center is living so close to the MFAH. To learn more about our community and all of the amazing things in Houston that are within reach, contact us today at Monarch Medical Center.

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