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The 3 Most Intriguing Used Bookstores in Houston

Houstonians take pride in being at the cutting edge of art, food, and pop culture experiences. There is something new to try at almost every hour of the day, and every day of the week. For when you just want a good read, our city boasts several excellent bookstores for general browsing and several more that cater to specific interests. Here are three of the most intriguing, and not to be missed, used bookstores in Houston. 

Murder by the Book

This quaint strip-mall bookstore offers much more than it’s location would suggest. With over 25,000 new and used mystery books, magazines, collectibles, and gifts, there is something for every murder mystery fan. A monthly book group and a staggering number of author book signings take place in the open space provided in the center of the store. Information on upcoming events is on their website. If you’re a mystery book fan, it’s well worth your time to check out Murder by the Book.

The Pop Culture Company

Colorful, animated, and family-friendly, The Pop Culture Company is a great place for comic book fans. They buy, sell, and trade, new and used comics, artwork, and more. With one long wall stocked with figurines, t-shirts, and other related merchandise, this place is a collector’s dream. It’s like a mini comic-con on every visit. The $1 bin offers new and used items too, and the sales staff are always knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Kaboom Books

Wait to visit Kaboom Books until you have time to spare—you’ll need every extra second to browse this charming used bookstore with over 100,000 titles in stock. Floor-to-ceiling shelves offer everything from collectors editions, to out of print gems—all in no particular order. You could spend a month looking over the shelves and still find surprises. They have rare books and books in many other languages as well.

Find More Used Bookstores in Houston

There are many additional used bookstores in Houston waiting for your next browsing adventure. For more great information about moving to, or living in, Houston, visit us or give us a call at Monarch Medical Center Apartments today!

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