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Unwind on the Brays Bayou Greenway Trail

Less than three miles away from Monarch Medical Center Apartments, you’ll find a peaceful walking path. It’s part of the green renaissance of Houston. The Brays Bayou Greenway Trail is an initiative of Bayou Greenways 2020. They’ve been working in Houston to create 150 miles of greenway trails by next year.

History of the Greenway Trail Effort

In 2012, the Houston Parks Board, in collaboration with other local agencies, began this massive, exciting venture. The goal: transform 3,000 acres of underutilized land along the bayous into gorgeous greenspaces, accessible by the public. 

Progress is exciting. Residents of the city flock to enjoy these open trails, with plenty of space to walk, run, and bike.

Access to the Brays Bayou Greenway Trail

Brays Bayou is open to the public from dawn to dusk, year-round. Some sections of the trail offer public or private parking access, and others are close to public transportation.

A large section of the trail meanders through Hermann Park. It also includes close access to the golf course and zoo at Hermann Park.

Enjoy Your Active Lifestyle Along the Trail

So, with plenty of space and a walkway free of vehicles, you can spend an entire day making your way down sections of this trail. If you want to catch your breath for a moment, you can also sit and enjoy a snack at any one of the benches along the trail. Just remember to leave the trail as beautiful as you found it!

Check out this map to explore the locations of benches, public parking, and parks along the trail. You can plan your excursion in advance, to fully enjoy everything that this relaxing pathway has to offer.

Ultimately, Monarch Medical Center Apartments offer a relaxed, gorgeous setting that will allow you to unwind during your downtime. Keep reading our blog for more local attractions and hot spots. Contact us for a tour of our beautiful Houston residence!

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