Wood oven roasted Margherita pizza

Enjoy a Meal at Coltivare Pizza and Garden

Houston knows how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Take pizza, for example. Houston’s own Coltivare Pizza and Garden isn’t just your regular old pizza joint. It’s an eatery that takes simple ingredients and turns them into pure magic.

Local to the Max

The special part of Coltivare is that many of their ingredients come directly from their own garden, making for an incredibly fresh experience. The freshness of flavor can’t be understated. Tender greens and herbs combine to take each dish up a notch. Local flavors also enhance Coltivare’s cocktail list. Fresh mint and herbs transform many elixirs into special treats. 

A Menu That Changes with the Seasons

Enjoy frequent variations in the menu at Coltivare, with creative salads that highlight the flavors of the current season. You’ll find greens harvested from the backyard and fruit grown in-state.

Pizza options, meanwhile, also feature fresh ingredients, including local squash and fennel pollen during the summer season.

The pasta is exquisite and includes limited-time offerings such as ricotta gnocchi, spicy tagliatelle, and local Texas goat cheese as a highlighted element of each dish.

Dessert is sublime at Coltivare. Choices like wood-roasted fruit crostata and homemade gelato provide a delicious ending to your meal.

Zagat Discusses Coltivare

You know that a pizza place is something special when Zagat mentions it. The Zagat Review indeed discusses Coltivare and declares that portions are “substantial” of this kitchen’s “expertly-prepared” pasta and fish.

Zagat also calls the restaurant “fun” — which all adds up to the fact that Coltivare is the perfect place to add to your weekend rotation!

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