A couple wearing masks walk their dog at a park.

3 Awesome Dog Parks To Visit in Houston

Houston has plenty of great spaces for dogs to play and frolic, including several near Monarch Medical Center. Head out with your pooch to enjoy some socially-distanced fun at these dog parks in Houston. They’re all located less than 20 minutes from our Houston apartments, which makes them a very convenient option for entertaining your pup. 

Danny Jackson Dog Park

This lush, green space can only be described as an oasis for pups. Danny Jackson Dog Park is a fully fenced, off-leash park designed for maximum fun and safety. The park has many fun elements, including water spigots, fire hydrants, and a large swimming pond where pups can wade in to cool off. There’s also an enclosed section that’s exclusively for smaller dogs to run around with playmates of their own size.  

Levy Park 

You’ll find plenty of room to play fetch with your dog at this beautiful urban park. The Levy Park dog section is very well-maintained, with a mixture of pavement and turf, so that your dog doesn’t get too muddy while exercising. The play area has sprinklers, a doggy water fountain, and separate spaces for dogs of different sizes. There’s also plenty of shade and benches for their human friends.

Johnny Steele Dog Park

This spacious dog park was renovated in 2015 as part of the 160 acre Buffalo Bayou Park. Johnny Steele Dog Park is a sizable area with different types of terrains for your pup to explore, including a grassy meadow with plenty of trees. There’s also an open dirt field, a drinking station, a large pond for wading, and some water hoses you can use to wash your dog down. Small dogs have their own enclosed play area. 

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