A woman follows along to a yoga class on her laptop in her living room.

5 Great Instagram Accounts to Follow for Free Home Workouts

These days, squeezing in a workout at home has become easier than ever thanks to the rising number of fitness accounts on social media sites like Instagram. Whether you want to find a good yoga flow, break a sweat with cardio, or build your strength with a bodyweight workout, you’ll find free home workouts to keep you motivated without having to leave your living room. Most workouts require nothing more than a space to work out and others will give you workouts with dumbbells or resistance bands. Here are five Instagram accounts to follow for free home workouts you can do from your Houston apartments.

Women’s and Men’s Health Magazine

Women’s Health and Men’s Health Magazines have been offering readers solid fitness advice for many years. Now, you can follow them on Instagram to get a variety of workout routines that will help you reach your fitness goals. You can find total body workouts as well as routines that focus on certain areas (core, legs, upper body).

Rumble Boxing

If you’re looking for something a little different, try boxing. Grab a yoga mat and a good attitude and get ready to have some of Rumble Boxing’s trainers keep you on your toes for a unique workout that will leave you sweating.

Basecamp Fitness

For workout that focus on different body parts every day, check out Basecamp Fitness. They post workouts four times daily on Instagram Live. 

Forward Space

If you need a dance break that will double as a workout, then FORWARD_Space is for you. They post dance workouts that will help you feel the burn while also boosting your mood.

Lotte Murphy

For a low-impact workout, pilates is always a top pick. Lottie Murphy offers some great workouts for all levels that will keep you motivated and strengthen your core without having to leave your apartment.

These are only a few of the thousands of fitness accounts on Instagram that offers users free home workouts. For more information about Monarch Medical Center, contact us today to schedule a tour of our community.

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