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Where to Order Tasty Greek Food Near Our Houston Apartments

The city’s diverse dining scene includes a variety of well-rated restaurants that serve Greek takeout in Houston. The following restaurants have menus rich with delicious choices, including dishes vegetarians will love. They’re all located within several miles of our Houston apartments, and each offers curbside pickup or takeout.

Helen Greek Food & Wine

Since 2015, this upscale taverna has been serving Greek dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Meat lovers will enjoy the lamb ribs or the chicken with feta cheese and lemon-roasted potatoes. The restaurant also has excellent choices for vegetarians, such as spanakopita (Greek spinach pie) and grilled pita with delicious dips. When ordering a curbside pickup, consider completing a meal with one of their wines. They offer a variety of high-quality Greek wines

Niko Niko’s

This popular Greek restaurant, which has been in business for decades, has three locations in Houston. The closest one is in the Montrose neighborhood, a little over five miles from our apartments. Their menu includes “Greekfast,” an array of delicious breakfast foods like baklava French toast and a pita wrap with Greek sausage, potatoes, an egg, and grilled onions and peppers. Along with gyro sandwiches and other meat dishes, you’ll find tasty vegetarian options, such as their spinach and feta pita and their generously portioned falafel plate, which comes with a side of Greek salad.

La Fendee Mediterranean Grill

La Fendee Grill is both a casual Mediterranean restaurant and a hookah bar, and they have a number of delicious Greek dishes on their menu. Among the many items you can order to-go are Greek salad, moussaka with eggplant and beef, and grape leaves stuffed with rice and tomatoes. They also serve gyro sandwiches and a large gyro plate with a side of tzatziki sauce (a Greek yogurt sauce). Their desserts include baklava made with walnut and pistachio.

While enjoying your Greek takeout in Houston, be sure to check out a local virtual museum. Don’t hesitate to¬†contact us for more information about the many excellent restaurants in Houston. We’re also happy to answer your questions about our apartments.

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