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The Best Houston Picnic Spots for a Summer Escape

Summer comes with warm weather and lots of opportunities for outdoor fun. For residents of our apartments in Houston, Texas, one of these opportunities is to spend a day picnicking in a fun or quiet spot. Here are some Houston picnic spots in the vicinity.

Memorial Park

A 13-minute drive away from home is 97-year old Memorial Park. It’s a 1,466-acre park, with one of the attractions being a small picnic loop with tables. That said, these tables need to be reserved for a small fee. The rest of the park consists of various attractions, including running/walking/biking trails, playgrounds, and more. Of course, if the cost of a table seems too high, you can opt to bring a blanket and sit on the green grass.

Miller outdoor theatre

If the idea of a traditional picnic doesn’t appeal to you, there’s another option. This includes mixing a movie or an outdoor music performance with your picnic experience at the Miller outdoor theatre. There are two options for seating while at this theatre. Option one is covered seating, where you will need tickets, while the other option is hillside seating with no tickets. This is where your blanket might come in handy. Nevertheless, both seating options are free. Also, this spot is only 3.5 miles from home.

Menil Park

You can also picnic while surrounded by art at the Menil Park Houston picnic spot. This option, located roughly 5.6-6.0 miles away, features green spaces, the occasional bench, oak trees, and more. If you choose to lay your blanket on the lawn, you’ll be surrounded by sculptures and other art installations. That said, most of the art is housed in buildings around the picnic spot.

Notably, you can choose to virtually visit the Menil art collection and other Houston virtual attractions with your tablet from any of these Houston picnic spots. If you’ve considered living in the Houston area, contact us. We can arrange a virtual tour of our apartments as well as provide information on what else the community has to offer.

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