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Three Amazing Houston Sushi Restaurants That Deliver

Finding the perfect meal to eat in your Monarch Medical Center apartment can be a challenge when you’re not too sure what to order. With delivery services such as GrubHub or DoorDash it’s easy to enjoy our favorite foods from the comfort of home, including sushi. If you love sushi, here are a few amazing Houston sushi restaurants you can enjoy from our apartments in Houston.

Rattan-Pan Asian Bistro

Rattan-Pan Asian Bistro is an amazing Asian restaurant in Houston. They offer a variety of Asian dishes, ranging from sushi to noodles to fried rice. They even offer vegan and vegetarian options. No matter what style of Asian cuisine you prefer, you’re sure to find something that excites your taste buds at this restaurant.


Uchi is another sushi restaurant in Houston that offers delivery through UberEats. One member of their staff is an award-winning chef that specializes in Japanese cuisine and actually trained for over ten years in Tokyo, Japan. Their food is authentic and tasty, for sure. This is definitely a great restaurant to enjoy from the comfort of your apartment.

Nippon Sushi

Also located in Houston, Nippon Sushi offers delivery for their amazing range of sushi rolls. They deliver through UberEats, and they offer special rolls such as the “Shaggy” or “Godzilla”. With such exciting names, it’s hard not to be excited to taste them too. Not only do they offer sushi, but they offer an assortment of wine and bento boxes.

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