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The Houston Zoo: See the Animals from Home

Residents can still enjoy many of the spectacular sights the city has to offer right from their apartments in Houston. Places like The Houston Zoo offer online experiences so you can still see their animals from home. Check out their seven webcams for a live feed of their animal exhibits.

Southern White Rhinos

Due to poaching, rhinos in the wild are at risk. Thanks to zoos like the Houston Zoo, conservation efforts have brought rhinos back from the brink of extinction. Today there are 17,000 White Rhinos in the wild, a hopeful success story. Their name comes from the Afrikaans word “weit” which means wide and is used to describe the rhino’s mouth. You can sit back in your Houston apartment and watch these massive animals graze and socialize.

Western Lowland Gorilla

The gorillas living at the Houston Zoo were all born and raised in American zoos. They are native to Central Africa. The zoo takes part in helping gorillas in the wild by recycling cell phones. Their program has recycled 1,544 phones which helps reduce mining in the gorillas’ natural habitat. Gorillas have unique noseprints. Like fingerprints, the noseprints can be used to identify individuals in the wild.

Asian Elephants

One of the most popular exhibits, Asian Elephants are smaller than their African counterparts. They have smaller ears and tusks. The Houston Zoo supports Malaysian conservationist, Farina Othman, who is in Borneo working to support the elephant population. You can watch baby Nelson, born to Shanti on May 12th, from the zoo’s elephant cam.

There are several other webcams to enjoy during the hot summer from your apartment in Houston, including leaf cutter ants!

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