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Listen to These Interesting History Podcasts

Are you a history buff who enjoys learning about famous figures and fascinating works of art? If so, tune in to one of these history podcasts that cover these exciting topics and more.


Presidential was created after the 2016 election. It features interviews with leading experts, historians, and Pulitzer Prize-winning biographers. With over 44 chronological episodes, Presidential takes listeners on an epic adventure through the legacy of each American president. Generally, each show centers on just one president. It tells how he became the most powerful man in the world and how he shaped the course of American history.

If you enjoy American history, start listening at the first episode. Or, you can skip to the president you want to learn more about.


Hosted by Jennifer Dasal, ArtCurious “explores the slightly odd and the strangely wonderful in art history.” She offers juicy details about the world’s most illustrious artists. Jennifer is also a contemporary art curator. She has nearly 20 years of experience and has gained recognition from publications such as O, the Oprah Magazine.

Specifically, each episode answers fascinating questions such as “Was a British painter Jack the Ripper?” or “How did the rivalry between Raphael and Michelangelo produce one of the finest works of all time?” You can enjoy over 50 history podcasts on ArtCurious

History Of Pirates 

The History of Pirates is a quirky show with episodes ranging in length from a few minutes to just under an hour. Host Craig Buddy offers a unique glimpse into the history of all things concerning pirates. He launched the podcast in 2014 to share his passion with others. Every show centers around a theme and keeps viewers entertained from beginning to end. 

All in all, these history podcasts offer plenty of value for everyone.

And, as a resident of Monarch Medical Center, you’ll be able to live in comfort while listening to these history podcasts. You’ll also live in proximity to the best shopping and dining destinations in Houston. So, if you’re looking for a place to call home, contact us today. We would love to show you around.

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