vegans eating around a table full of vegan food at one of the vegan restaurants in Houston

The Most Interesting Vegan Restaurants in Houston

If there’s one thing Houstonians know, it’s that healthy food and delicious food can go hand-in-hand. And you can see it clearly in their vegan restaurant scene. Therefore, these restaurants prove that vegan living can he healthy, delicious, and affordable. Below are three of the best-rated, most interesting and affordable vegan restaurants in Houston, according to both Yelp and Happy Cow. Enjoy!

Pepper Tree Veggie Cuisine

Firstly, this place may just convert you to veganism. Once a Chinese restaurant, Pepper Tree Veggie Cuisine converted itself to a vegan-only option for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean food lovers. Reviews are laced with comments about the cleanliness of the establishment and the delicious food at reasonable prices.

Green Seed Vegan

If you’re looking for a quaint, crunchy-granola feel, you’ll want to check out Green Seed Vegan. This small eatery has the quiet feel of a family run restaurant, with the charm of an East Coast delicatessen. They offer a full vegan menu and gluten-free options. If you like the color of avocado green, consider eating in. 


Lastly, are you in the mood for something more exotic? Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine is an Indian restaurant that offers a revolving item buffet. The industrial stainless steel of the service area is softened by vibrant wall art. And a couch with throw pillows in the seating area finishes the look. The signs above the buffet line add a sense of fun to the cafeteria environment. They offer exciting information about the spices and herbs used in Indian cooking. And the reviews show customer satisfaction with the food, the cleanliness, and the level of care from the staff.

There are a few dozen other vegan restaurants in Houston worth considering too. Upscale fare, food truck options, sidewalk bistros pop up all year round. With the buzzing food scene in Houston expanding almost by the hour, there is something for everyone, no matter your budget or eating style. 

Find More Vegan Restaurants in Houston

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