a gorgeous plate of grilled vegetables from a restaurant serving vegetarian cuisine in Houston

Enjoy Mouthwatering Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine in Houston

Within a 15-minute drive from Monarch Medical Center, you’ll find a number of excellent options for vegan and vegetarian cuisine in Houston. These friendly joints are neighborhood gems and offer fantastic, flavorful plant-based meals. With menus that are this delicious, healthy plant-based dining is for everyone who loves a great bite! Where to Find the Best […]

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hispanic couple drinking beer on date together at outdoor patio

Crack Open a Cold One at the Best Beer Gardens Around Houston

Originating in Germany in the 19th century, beer gardens became widespread throughout Europe and they’ve recently gained popularity in the United States. Always an outdoor affair, beer gardens typically allow guests to sit at shared tables and enjoy a wide range of beer and a sampling of food items. This festive atmosphere is a great […]

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Rolled ice cream in Houston

Check Out the 3 Best Places for Rolled Ice Cream in Houston

If you’ve seen the viral videos, you know that rolled ice cream started with street vendors in Thailand. It’s handcrafted by pouring liquid onto a cold metal plate, shaping it into tubes, putting it into a cup, and adding toppings like fruit and chocolate sauce. Here’s where you can try this satisfying treat near our […]

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eating at a restaurant participating in Houston Restaurants Week

Dine Out for Charity at Houston’s Restaurant Weeks

From August 1st until Labor Day, several Houston restaurants will be participating in Houston Restaurant Weeks to support the Houston Food Bank. Come out to your favorite local restaurants for meal specials throughout Harris, Galveston, and Montgomery counties at this month-long event. The Restaurants The restaurant list for this year’s Houston Restaurant Weeks is a mile long and includes […]

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