food from Ethiopian restaurants near Houston

Savor a Delicious Meal at Ethiopian Restaurants Near Houston

Known for its use of vegetables and spicy meat dishes, Ethiopian cuisine is influenced by various cultures. If you would like to sample this delicious fare, you don’t have to venture far from home. The best Ethiopian restaurants near our Houston apartments include: Blue Nile  Don’t miss dining at the Blue Nile. It has been […]

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woman scrapbooking at home | scrapbooking stores around Houston

Explore These Three Scrapbooking Stores around Houston

Scrapbooking offers a fun way to preserve your favorite memories. When you’re ready to bring out your inner crafter, several local shops have everything you need to bring your books to life. The scrapbooking stores around Houston near our Houston apartments include: Texas Art Asylum  A unique destination, Texas Art Asylum is “part craft store, […]

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two friends practicing kickboxing | kickboxing in Houston

Enjoy Kickboxing in Houston

If you’re searching for a fun way to stay in shape, try some kickboxing classes. You will enjoy a full-body workout as you improve your speed, power, and endurance. The best places for kickboxing near our Houston apartments include: Bam Bam Martial Arts  At Bam Bam Martial Arts, you’ll find some of the best in-class […]

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