Pamper Your Pet at Funny Fur Boutique

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment community in Houston, you’re going to love shopping at Funny Fur Boutique.

This luxurious shop in the famous River Oaks neighborhood does a booming online business. However, you and your dog will be able to experience firsthand the best boutique products from around the world.

Plus, it’s just a short drive away from the Monarch Medical Center Apartments.

Funny Fur Boutique

Funny Fur’s international reputation skyrocketed when they supplied the clothes for the blockbuster Disney movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Now, you can dress your dog like a celebrity! You can also pick up more modest goodies and practical solutions like premium organic and holistic pet food. In fact, they carry over 2,000 products at competitive prices and have recently been adding a growing number of cat products.

How about a pair of doggles to shield your best friend from the paparazzi, and shade his eyes from the Houston sun? Doesn’t he deserve the fresh feeling of shampooing with Isle of Dog health and beauty products?

For designer style at affordable prices, check out toys and accessories from labels like Chewy Vuitton, Manolo Barknik, and Pawlenciaga. Just don’t think you can pay for it with the Americanine Express Card Toy.

While you’re having fun, you can also feel good knowing that you’re helping to support local animal rescues and other non-profit organizations dedicated to the wellness of animals when you shop at Funny Fur. They also host regular yappy hours, adoption days, charity parties, workshops, and other events.

You and your dog can find your perfect apartment home in Houston. Contact us today to learn more about luxury living at Monarch Medical Center Apartments.

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