A woman wearing a mask shops in a clothing store.

4 of the Best Secondhand Stores in Houston

Houstonians are always looking towards the future and trying to build a better tomorrow. More Houstonians are seeking out environmentally responsible businesses. Secondhand stores in Houston combine a love of eco-conscious goods and the city’s history. Here are four thrift stores near our Houston apartments that you can feel good shopping at. Be sure to always practice social distancing and wear a mask wherever you go.


Pavement is a trendy consignment store located in the historic Montrose area of Houston. Employees pick and curate great secondhand looks for every style. So no matter what you wear, you’re likely to find something here. The store has limited occupancy and you must wear a mask to enter.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a nationwide chain with its Houston location located in the Montrose area. Customer s don’t get plastic bags for their products. Instead, they can receive charity tokens instead that they can then donate to local charities. There is limited occupancy and all visitors are required to wear masks.

The Cottage Shop

Like Pavement and Buffalo Exchange, The Cottage Shop is located in Montrose. Their proceeds benefit the nearby women’s shelter The Women’s Home, which works to help disadvantaged women regain control of their lives. In today’s environment, charity work like this is more important than ever. So shoppers can rest assured that as they shop in a safe and sanitary environment, their business is helping less fortunate individuals also stay safe. 

Out of the Closet

Out of the Closet is a nationwide charity shop located in Montrose. They focus on supporting those living with HIV/AIDS who might otherwise not be able to afford care, so most of their profit goes to that cause.

Houston apartment dwellers can feel good about shopping at their local secondhand stores knowing that their money is going towards maintaining Houston’s rich culture. If you’re hungry from all that shopping, be sure to pick up a pizza from one of these local pizzerias. If you’re ready to learn more about our Houston apartment community, contact us┬átoday!

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