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Spend a Day at The Houston Zoo

Animal lovers, hang on to your hats! There are over 6,000 incredible animals just minutes from your apartment in Houston, Texas. The charming animals, marvelous habitats, and fun-filled events of the Houston Zoo attract over two million guests each year. People come from far and wide to catch a glimpse of an incredible variety of animals. Big, small, furry, fluffy, slimy, scaly–you name it, the Houston Zoo has it.

The Houston Zoo takes great pride in their part of the worldwide movement to save wildlife. The zoo works tirelessly to ensure the safety and comfort of all the animals while striving to provide guests with a fun and educational experience. In addition to its permanent exhibits, the Houston Zoo offers visitors an event calendar chock full of fun times. Visitors can catch shows, feedings, and talks every day and a variety of exciting special events all year round. Homeschool programs, overnight stays for Girl and Boy Scouts, Cool Nights, Zoo Yoga, and Parents’ Night Out are just a few of the enjoyable events at the zoo. The zoo also offers birthday party packages for a truly unforgettable birthday celebration.

Journey through a variety of exhibits, from the cool waters of the sea lions’ home to the lush greenery of the African forest. Catch a glimpse of powerful predators in the Carnivores exhibit–lions, tigers, jaguars, fossas, African painted dogs, cougars, and maned wolves can all be found there. The impressive McNair Asian Elephant exhibit recently doubled in size and now includes a 7,000-square foot barn, an unobstructed boardwalk viewing area, and a 160,000-gallon pool. The African Forest is home to gorillas, rhinos, and giraffes. The Kipp Aquarium takes you deep under the sea with fascinating creatures such as clownfish, lionfish, Japanese sea nettles, and piranhas. This breathtaking exhibit is certainly one of the most colorful, with gorgeous fish and vivid coral. Numerous exhibits include a Children’s Zoo, the Wortham World of Primates, Natural Encounters, and the Marine Mammal Marina, among many others.

The zoo offers guests a delightful variety of dining and shopping options as well as amazing animals. The main gift shop and African Forest gift shop carry beautiful keepsakes, adorable toys, and fun clothing–it’s nearly impossible to leave without taking something home. At the Twiga Cafe, you can enjoy your meal outside while you watch the giraffes and rhinos roam. Cypress Circle and Macaw Cafe offer a variety of favorites, from burgers to chicken tenders to pizza. Don’t miss Herzstein Trading Post, which is the perfect place to grab a sweet treat.

The Houston Zoo is fun for all ages. The zoo is open seven days a week from 9am-7pm. Please feel free to contact us for more information about the many exciting venues around your home in Houston.


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