A view of several glasses of different types of tea.

Pick up High-Quality Tea in Houston

Tea is a wonderful drink that has been enjoyed by humans for millennia.  People love tea not only for its exquisite taste but for the many purported health benefits that it brings. However, the barrier to entry to brewing high-quality tea at home can seem rather “steep”.  Luckily, these tea shops near your Houston apartments are here to help you break into the wonderful world of loose-leaf teas.

The Path of Tea

This lovely Japanese style tea shop has over 125 organic teas on offer, complete with a sniffing bar. The staff is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and would like nothing more than to help you find the perfect tea from their huge selection. If you have questions on how to brew loose-leaf tea at home, they would be more than happy to explain the process and get you started with the right equipment.

McHugh Tea Room and Gifts

This award-winning tea room offers food, hosts parties, and of course sells tea. Here you can pick up delectable brunch foods to go along with unique loose-leaf blends like the Texas Gold Rush, Blueberry Matcha, and White Pina Colada. You can even order their tea online and have it shipped to you, along with accessories and brewing kits. 

Ten Yen Tea and Herbs

Ten Yen is a Chinese tea shop featuring high-quality imported teas. This place is the real deal and sells Ten Ren tea, which is the largest tea manufacturer in the East. Aside from the wide variety of loose-leaf black, oolong, and green teas, Ten Yen has delightful teapots that can add authentic flair to your home brewing endeavors. They also have an in-house herbalist to advise on issues you may be facing.

If you would like to call our Houston apartments your new home, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

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