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Tips for Making Your Produce Last Longer

There’s nothing worse than stocking up on a load of fruits and veggies and then having them go bad before you can enjoy them. Storing your fruits and veggies correctly is key. If you’re looking for ways to stretch your food budget, try these great strategies for making your produce last longer.

Use Breathable Produce Bags

Fruits and veggies in the fridge do better with good ventilation, which helps them collect less moisture. These reusable bags are usually made of mesh and can be found in supermarkets or online retailers like Amazon. Apples, citrus fruits, celery, beets, and carrots all last quite a bit longer in these breathable bags.

Grapes, Berries, and Cherries

These delicate fruits should be refrigerated and are more durable if you don’t wash them until ready to eat.

Tomatoes, Bananas, Potatoes, and Squash

Tomatoes will quickly lose their flavor in the refrigerator and do much better in a cool, dry spot. The same is true for bananas and root vegetables, which get too soft in the fridge. These types of produce will last longer in your pantry or even the countertop. 

Onions and Garlic

Store these important aromatics in your pantry or another cool spot. If you’ve cut into a piece, preserve it for a few days in the fridge covered up in saran wrap.


You can avoid sogginess and extend the life of your leafy greens as much as possible by rinsing them fresh from the store and then drying each leaf with a paper towel. Next, you can keep your greens vibrant and delicious by storing them in the crisper drawer. 


While mushrooms last much longer in the fridge, you need to avoid moisture as much as possible. Don’t wash them and also try to move them to a breathable container. 


With some exceptions, like lettuce and root vegetables, freezing is a fantastic way to preserve your fruits and veggies at the peak of freshness!

All in all, the above tips should go a long way towards making your produce last longer. Contact us to learn more about living at the Monarch Medical Center if you’d like to live in a setting that affords you peace and comfort.

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