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Tour the Houston Museum of Natural Science from Home

If you want to learn more about the natural sciences, an attraction minutes away from your Houston apartment is the Houston Museum of Natural Science. You can enjoy the museum from the comfort of home thanks to their variety of virtual museum exhibits. Many of the popular exhibits you will typically find when you visit have moved online for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of our favorites:

Life and Death in Ancient Egypt

This exhibit takes the viewer back in time through jewelry, art, pottery, and other artifacts carefully preserved from the days of the Egyptians. Learn about artifacts from many different dynasties within the Egyptian period including the reign of King Tutankhamun. One of the most remarkable pieces in the collection is the portion of a coffin, carefully painted in hieroglyphics.

Unique Attractions at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

The museum is the proud exhibitor of a World Fair artifact: an 1851 Foucault Pendulum. This beautiful pendulum gives viewers a visual of how the Earth rotates. Another point of pride for the museum is their extensive Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife. Viewers can learn more about the diverse Texas biomes as well as the animals who call it home. 

The Gordon Smith Collection

Gordon Smith amassed one of the most impressive collections of Native American artifacts and culture we have today. Learn the history, view the artifacts, and appreciate a glimpse into a vanishing culture. 

These virtual museum exhibits are a perfect way to spend a cozy afternoon at home. If you are looking for an apartment in Houston, let our knowledgeable team show you all that Monarch has to offer.

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